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410 Exhibition 1st & 2nd

410 Exhibition 1st & 2nd

1st 2023.3/14(火)-3/18(土)

2nd 2023.3/21(火)-3/25(土)


躍動する現代作家展や他の展覧会(国立新美術館・福岡アジア美術館)において来場者人気投票1位賞受賞アーティストや最優秀賞受賞作品です。もちろんご購入も可能です。入場無料、330円からアート支援が行える天然岩塩のPINK BATH SALTも取り扱い中ですのでお気軽におこしください。

1st 3/14-3/18

島川知蓮・鍋島哲治・月乃カエル・きはらごう・諸井謙司・LEE KOOHA・長野光宏

2nd 3/21-3/25






13:00-19:00 入場無料 

410 Exhibition 1st & 2nd

1st 2023.3/14(Tue)-3/18(Sat)

2nd 2023.3/21(Tue)-3/25(Sat)

We will hold an exhibition of artists handled by 410Gallery.

At the dynamic contemporary artists exhibition and other exhibitions (National Art Center, Tokyo, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum), he is the artist who won the first prize in the popularity vote of visitors and the work that won the highest award. Of course you can also purchase it. Admission is free, and PINK BATH SALT, a natural rock salt that can support art from 330 yen, is also available, so please feel free to drop by.

1st 3/14-3/18

Chiren Shimakawa, Tetsuji Nabeshima, Kaeru Tsukino, Go Kihara, Kenji Moroi, LEE KOOHA, Mitsuhiro Nagano

2nd 3/21-3/25

Michiyo Nagai, Bokuden Matsuda, Sadatoshi Okura, Kenji Moroi, Yasuhiro Tsutsumi, Mitsuhiro Nagano, Shimada Stratos

Art Gallery 410Gallery


11-8 Kamikawabatacho, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Kawabata Central Building 4F

13:00-19:00 Admission free


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